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Equipment, trainers and pullers near you!
APDA disclaimer: 
These links are provided for your information. The APDA does not specifically endorse any individuals or organizations. Please keep you and your dog's health, fun and safety in mind when choosing equipment, trainers, and venues for your weightpulling adventures.
The proper sizing of harnesses is dependent your measurements. Size IS a factor. A 65 pound bulldog does not take the same size harness as a 65 pound German Shepherd, Labrador, Setter, or Pit Bull. Nor is a 15 pound Miniature Pinscher built the same as a Pug of the same weight. Please measure your dogs carefully.
EQUIPMENT, harnesses, carts, drag sleds... etc.
If you make any type of pulling equipment and would like to have it listed here, please contact us.
The Working Canine

Custom and stock harnesses, collars, leashes and toys.
WEIGHTPULLING TRAINERS, clubs and organizers near you...

If you have a club or training center that offers weightpulling, please let us know so we can include you on our resources page for interested newbies in your area!

Canine Culture Training Center      Oneida, NY

Obedience, behavior and sport training. Weightpull private classes.
Misunderstood Kennels                   Lafayette, NY

Weightpull training, and competitions through IWPA and NWDA sanctioned organizations.
Masasyu Kennels                             Canandagua, NY

Weightpull training, and competitions through IWPA and APDA sanctioned organization.
The Working Canine                        Port Clinton, PA

Weightpull training, competitions and equipment through IWPA and APDA sanctioned organizations.
John Aiken                               

Conditioning sleds, drag sleds               315-725-2470
Tim Goodell              

Xcaliber Weight Pullers                   Brandywine, MD

Weightpull training, and competitions through APDA and NWDA sanctioned organizations.
Roc City Pullers                                Lewisburg, WV

Obedience, protection, nose work/detection and weightpull training. Sanctioned competitions available in the future.
Dagger Harnesses

Harnesses                                                      760-956-0384
Coldriver Supplies
Lakeview Harnesses
WRB Weightpull Harness's                         Ireland
Harnesses                                                                 0-790-724-9713
Hillbilly Harnesses
Aztec Legacy Drag Sleds                                                               
Conditioning sleda, drag sleds                   951-261-0939
Many thanks to Lisa Wright at Wright Now Designs for our logo.

BrownDog Design Harnesses
Harnesses By Carol
Harnesses, some sizes and beginner harnesses ready to ship
West Side Weight Pull                      Utica, NY  
Michele Izzo via Facebook  or 315-725-5463

Weightpull training and sanctioned competitions through APDA , NWDA and IWPA sanctioned organizations.