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Canine fun and fulfillment is our top priority!
Welcome to American Pulling Dogs Association
If you’re looking for a high quality weightpulling organization, dedicated to encouraging a good public impression of the sport and supporting the participation of all dogs, regardless of breed or size, you have come to the right place! You will enjoy the quality, fun, and sporting competition you would expect to be offered by a professional sport organization. We offer the best in fairness of rules and regulations for all. 

Let American Pulling Dogs Association put our experience to work for you!
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Mission Statement

The American Pulling Dogs Association is an organization dedicated to promoting harmonious dog/owner relationships through the traditional sport of weightpulling, by conducting events in a safe and well organized environment.

We are committed to educating trainers, behaviorists and physical therapists about the use of weightpulling as resistance training, as a recovery tool for addressing various behavioral issues, and as canine physical therapy.

The APDA provides an avenue for canine enthusiasts to compete in a variety of locations, and recognizes their achievements through titles and certificates. Our events serve to promote the working heritage of all dogs,  keeping in mind that the welfare of the dogs is of utmost importance.

Above all, we are committed to advocating the positive aspects of our sport, and encouraging its growth in a safe and constructive manner.
Statements of Principle

The APDA promotes responsible dog ownership and breeding practices and expects good sportsmanship and fair play from judges, spectators, owners, breeders, competitors, and handlers to ensure the health and well-being of all dogs.

We believe all healthy dogs, regardless of size or breed, are capable of participating in and enjoying this sport.

The APDA will provide access to positive training resources for all who wish to participate in the sport of weightpulling, whether the motivation is exercise, behavioral or competition.