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Here we will list links to articles, websites and videos that have included very specific information on training your dog to weightpull with the most positive and effective methods.
Here is a GREAT article posted on KAREN PRYORS' Clicker Training website! Very good information and instruction on starting out your training!


People often ask, "How do I teach my dog to weightpull?" followed by concerns about "he/she is shy, or sensitive, or hyper, or ADD, or not food motivated" or many other reasons that it might be difficult. Actually, most of these reasons should actually be motivation for why you SHOULD be teaching your dog to weightpull.
I get these questions quite often from people. Usually my question back is how do you personally learn? Every one of us is different and we all learn new skills by different methods. Some people learn by doing, some by seeing and hearing and some by reading. How a person learns will dictate what my response back to them is.
Dogs are similar. They all have different learning skills, different motivations, and each owner (even within a household) has a different way of relating to, and communicating with, their dog. There is no wrong way.
What has to be kept in mind is that you cant MAKE a dog pull. But, most dogs are inclined to anyway. All on their own! Which is why we spend so much time and money on different equipment to teach them NOT to.
​We will provide on this page, articles, photos and video education materials to provide a variety of training information so you can see what works best for you and your dog.
Here is a weightpull primer from a very good Malamute website.
Powerhound Alaskan Malamutes
APDA is continually striving to produce videos and posts them on youtube for your education of safe training practices. Please let us know your questions, or send us video of your dogs pulling, so that we may include them in our future videos.
Weightpulling Basics: Equipment
Quick Hints: Harnesses
Properly Fitting a Harness
Beginning Training for Competition
Here is a nice training page from one of our harness makers' website.
What to Expect at a Competition
Weightpulling to Address High Energy or Reactive Behaviors
Weightpulling for Behavioral Therapy
Hosting a Sanctioned Weightpull